API Reference influx_ex v0.1.1



Functions for working with the primary Influx v2.x API

Data structure for a Bucket in InfluxDB

Module for working with buckets in InfluxDB

Default CSV support for InfluxEx

Behaviour for a CSV library to implement

The primary configuration to talking with InfluxDB

Exception for when an entity already exists in the database

Functions to build Flux queries

Module for generating series of data, mostly useful for development and test

Generic Error

Behaviour for HTTP clients

HTTP support for the Mojito library

A request to InfluxDB

A response from the InfluxDB server

Behaviour for a JSON library that InfluxEx can use to encode and decode JSON payloads

Data structure for the current user using the InfluxDB API

Error for when the resource is not found

Data structure for an Org in InfluxDB

Module for working with organizations in InfluxDB

A single data point

Rows for a response table