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Inngest works by serving an HTTP API endpoint which exposes your functions for us to call on-demand. The first thing you'll need to do is to add and serve the Inngest API in your project.

Setting up

The Elixir SDK provides an inngest macro, that will setup the required API endpints to your router. The recommended path is /api/inngest since it makes it obvious where the endpoints are, but you can change it to whatever you see fit.

defmodule MyApp.Router do
  use Inngest.Router, :plug

  inngest("/api/inngest", path: "inngest/**/*.ex")

Accepted arguments for the inngest macros are

  • path
  • opts


  • func - the list of modules. e.g. [MyApp.EventFn, MyApp.CronFn]
  • path - the path or paths to the inngest function modules. e.g. path: "inngest/**/*.ex"

Among the options, path takes precedence.

There are 2 routers available based on what you're using for exposing HTTP endpoints for your apps: