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Dev server screenshot

Inngest provides a dev server you can run locally to aid with local development. You can start the Dev server with:

npx inngest-cli@latest dev

This will download the latest version available and you should be able to access it via http://localhost:8288.

If you prefer to download the CLI locally:

npm i -g inngest-cli
# or
npm i -g inngest-cli@<version>


inngest-cli dev

Auto discovery

The Dev server will try to auto discover apps and functions via http://localhost:3000/api/inngest by default. However, apps like Phoenix typically runs on port 4000. You can provide the auto discovery URL when starting the Dev server:

npx inngest-cli@latest dev -u

This will tell the Dev server to look at to discover and register apps/functions.

Other options

For more options with the Dev server, use the --help option:

inngest-cli dev --help


The inngest-cli is a single executable binary. It's packaged and distributed with NPM for the time being, but could change in the future.