API Reference IO ANSI Table v1.0.8


Writes data to stdout in a table with borders and colors. Can choose a table style to change the look of the table.

Functions related to the columns of a table.

A supervisor that starts table spec server processes dynamically.

Finds the alignment or sort attribute of a header. Also converts a header into a "heading".

Formats the line of a table.

Defines the line type types. Also writes the line(s) of a given line type.

Nests row line types in a reversed flat list of line types.

Lists the options and table styles used in the IO.ANSI.Table API.

Defines the row type.

Creates a table spec struct from headers and options. Also writes data (from maps) to stdout per a table spec.

Derives the alignment attributes of a table.

Derives the column widths of a table.

Derives the headings of a table.

Derives the left margin of a table.

Derives the rows of a table. Also transposes rows into columns.

Derives the sort attributes of a table.

A server process that holds a table spec struct as its state.

Defines functions returning the properties of the configured table styles.