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JSON Canvas library for Gleam

For more information about JSON Canvas, please refer to https://jsoncanvas.org/.


gleam add json_canvas


import gleam/int
import gleam/io
import gleam/list
import json_canvas
import simplifile

pub fn main() {
  let assert Ok(content) = simplifile.read(from: "input.canvas")

  // Decode a JSON Canvas from a JSON string
  let assert Ok(canvas) = json_canvas.decode(content)

  let nodes = canvas.nodes
  let edges = canvas.edges

  io.println("Node count: " <> int.to_string(list.length(nodes)))
  io.println("Edge count: " <> int.to_string(list.length(edges)))

  // Encode a JSON Canvas into a JSON string
  |> json_canvas.to_string
  |> simplifile.write(to: "output.canvas")

Further documentation can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/json_canvas.


gleam run   # Run the project
gleam test  # Run the tests
gleam shell # Run an Erlang shell
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