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This is a package for decoding jsonc documents and also transcoding them to json. I'm also working on it to add a formatter.

jsonc is a superset of json, which means any json document is also a jsonc document but the reverse is not true. So you can use this package to decode json documents too.

jsonc allows you to have single-line and multi-line comments in your documents using // and /* */. these comments can be anywhere.

you can also have multi-line strings that don't need escaping using ` (backtick). also, strings and object keys may be unquoted. but any unquoated string that can be intrepreted as a number(whether integer or float), will be treated as such. you also don't need to use commas for separating key-value pairs in objets or elements in arrays, whitespace is enough.

This is an example of a valid jsonc document:

// a valid jsonc document
  /* you can have
     multi-line comments
  key1 /* object keys can be unquoted */ : value // you don't need a comma here
  key2: [ 25.23e-5 74 unquoated_string ]
  key3: `this
          is a
          multi-line string`,
  "regular_key": "regular_string"

I should say that right now, the performance for large documents is not acceptable, so use this package only when human-readability is more important than performance, like using a jsonc file for specifying environmental variables for your app (for example with enux). but I'll definitely keep working on optimising the parser or maybe writing a new parser if needed.



defp deps do
    {:jsonc, "~> 0.9.0"}



iex(1)> JSONC.decode!(~s(// language information \n { name: elixir github_stars: 19.8e3 forks: 2.8e3 creator: "José Valim" 😔 : 😃 }))
  "creator" => "José Valim",
  "forks" => 2.8e3,
  "github_stars" => 1.98e4,
  "name" => "elixir",
  "😔" => "😃"

iex(2)> JSONC.transcode!(~s(// language information \n { name: elixir github_stars: 19.8e3 forks: 2.8e3 creator: "José Valim" 😔 : 😃 }))
"{\n    \"name\": "elixir\",\n    \"github_stars\": 1.98e4,\n    \"forks\": 2.8e3,\n    \"creator": \"José Valim\"\n    "😔": "😃"\n}"

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