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An implementation of RFC 6902 in pure Elixir.


  • Creating a patch by comparing to maps and lists
  • Apply patches to maps and lists - supports operations:
    • add
    • replace
    • remove
    • copy
    • move
    • test
  • Escaping of "/" (by "~1") and "~" (by "~0")
  • Allow usage of - for appending things to list (Add and Copy operation)

Getting started


The package can be installed by adding jsonpatch to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:jsonpatch, "~> 2.2"}

The docs can be found at

Create a diff

iex> source = %{"name" => "Bob", "married" => false, "hobbies" => ["Sport", "Elixir", "Football"]}
iex> destination = %{"name" => "Bob", "married" => true, "hobbies" => ["Elixir!"], "age" => 33}
iex> Jsonpatch.diff(source, destination)
  %{path: "/married", value: true, op: "replace"},
  %{path: "/hobbies/2", op: "remove"},
  %{path: "/hobbies/1", op: "remove"},
  %{path: "/hobbies/0", value: "Elixir!", op: "replace"},
  %{path: "/age", value: 33, op: "add"}

Apply patches

iex> patch = [
  %{op: "add", path: "/age", value: 33},
  %{op: "replace", path: "/hobbies/0", value: "Elixir!"},
  %{op: "replace", path: "/married", value: true},
  %{op: "remove", path: "/hobbies/1"},
  %{op: "remove", path: "/hobbies/2"}
iex> target = %{"name" => "Bob", "married" => false, "hobbies" => ["Sport", "Elixir", "Football"]}
iex> Jsonpatch.apply_patch(patch, target)
{:ok, %{"name" => "Bob", "married" => true, "hobbies" => ["Elixir!"], "age" => 33}}

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