Khafra.Scheduler (khafra_search v0.2.0)

Defines a quantum Scheduler.

When used, the quantum scheduler expects the :otp_app as option. The :otp_app should point to an OTP application that has the quantum runner configuration. For example, the quantum scheduler:

defmodule Khafra.Scheduler do
  use Quantum.Scheduler, otp_app: khafra_search

Could be configured with:

config khafra_search, Khafra.Scheduler,
  jobs: [
    {"@daily", {Backup, :backup, []}},


  • :timeout - Sometimes, you may come across GenServer timeout errors esp. when you have too many jobs or high load. The default timeout is 5000.

  • :jobs - list of cron jobs to execute

  • :global - When you have a cluster of nodes, you may not want same jobs to be generated on every single node, e.g. jobs involving db changes.

    In this case, you may choose to run Quantum as a global process, thus preventing same job being run multiple times because of it being generated on multiple nodes. With the following configuration, Quantum will be run as a globally unique process across the cluster.

  • :schedule - Default schedule of new Job

  • :run_strategy - Default Run Strategy of new Job

  • :overlap - Default overlap of new Job,

  • :timezone - Default timezone of new Job

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activate_job(server \\ __job_broadcaster__(), name)

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.activate_job/2.

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add_job(server \\ __job_broadcaster__(), job)

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.add_job/2.

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config(custom \\ [])

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.config/1.

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deactivate_job(server \\ __job_broadcaster__(), name)

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.deactivate_job/2.

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delete_all_jobs(server \\ __job_broadcaster__())

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.delete_all_jobs/1.

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delete_job(server \\ __job_broadcaster__(), name)

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.delete_job/2.

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find_job(server \\ __job_broadcaster__(), name)

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.find_job/2.

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jobs(server \\ __job_broadcaster__())

Callback implementation for

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new_job(config \\ config())

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.new_job/1.

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start_link(opts \\ [name: __MODULE__])

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.start_link/1.

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stop(server \\ __MODULE__, timeout \\ 5000)

Callback implementation for Quantum.Scheduler.stop/2.