API Reference khafra_search v0.2.0


Khafra: The distributed search deployment platform

Functions that are responsible for generating data directly from command to files

Functions that are responsible for the logic in config from the elixir app becoming Sphinx config strings

Helper functions useful for generating template strings

A group of tasks related to initialization, or a first time run, of Sphinx Search

Run through command line options and convert them to full option list for Index job.

Run tasks related to new or migrating systems

Defines a quantum Scheduler.

Mix Tasks

When you create your index settings in config/sphinx.exs (and any env conf files you wish) they can be used to generate a config that sphinx daemon and indexer use. Re-generate this any time to test your sphinx settings locally.

Wordforms allow you to specify synonym meanings in words so they are indexed as equivalent

Mix shortcut to downloading Sphinx for your system. Pass the desired system using options shown below.

Mix shortcut to running the Sphinx Indexer to build an index against the data source.

Mix shortcut to running the Sphinx Search Daemon to run queries against.