Kitto v0.9.1 API Reference


This is the documentation for the Kitto project

Specification for a backoff module to be used with Kitto

Module responsible for keeping and applying a backoff value for a given atom

Handles reloading of code in development

Convenience when building generators for Kitto

Contains functions to run jobs based on their specified options

A DSL to define jobs populating the widgets with data

Performs basic validations on job files

Module responsible for broadcasting events across connections

Defines authentication logic for routes that require it. Authentication uses token based auth with the Authentication header

Module responsible for loading job files

Module responsible of job processes supervision

Module responsible for keeping stats about jobs

This module defines functions to handle time conversions

HTML rendering facility


Mix Tasks

Generates a new empty dashboard template

Generates a new empty job

Generates a new widget

Installs community Widget/Job from a Github Gist

Starts the application