Kujira.Bow.Pool.Stable.Strategy (kujira v0.1.47)

The specific configuration for the Stable strategy.

  • :target_price - The fixed price that the two assets should be trading at
  • :ask_fee - The % price difference between the expected price and the calculated ask price for each order
  • :ask_factor - The adjustment of the ask_fee based on the current token balances (quote_balance / base_value) * ask_factor. So eg to decrease the ask_fee (by reducing the price) by 5% when the pool is balanced 10 - 90, the ask_factor should be 0.00555.
  • :ask_utilization - The fraction of the available quote denom that is deployed to the order. Prevent the whole vault from being wiped out in a single trade
  • :ask_count - Total ask orders placed
  • :bid_fee - As ask but on the bid side
  • :bid_factor - As ask but on the bid side
  • :bid_utilization - As ask but on the bid side
  • :bid_count - As ask but on the bid side



@type t() :: %Kujira.Bow.Pool.Stable.Strategy{
  ask_count: non_neg_integer(),
  ask_factor: Decimal.t(),
  ask_fee: Decimal.t(),
  ask_utilization: Decimal.t(),
  bid_count: non_neg_integer(),
  bid_factor: Decimal.t(),
  bid_fee: Decimal.t(),
  bid_utilization: Decimal.t(),
  target_price: Decimal.t()


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@spec from_config(map()) :: {:error, :invalid_config} | {:ok, t()}