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Legendary ships with a set of reasonable default linter configurations to help enforce consistent code style in your application. This is particularly valuable when working together as a team. However, even when working solo, linters will find some errors in your code and help you to avoid needless changes in the future.

Included linters:

  • credo for Elixir
  • prettier for JavaScript
  • stylelint for CSS


Pre-commit hooks

If you would like to lint your code before every commit, you can use lefthook to do so. We include a lefthook.yml that runs credo, prettier, and stylelint for you.

First, if you do not have it installed already, you will need to install lefthook. On the Mac with Homebrew, this is as simple as brew install lefthook. Instructions for other environments are available in the lefthook documentation linked above.

Then you can install the hooks via lefthook install. You can test them without committing by running lefthook run pre-commit.


Linters in CI

The included .gitlab-ci.yml runs credo, prettier, and stylelint in CI as an additional consistency check.