View Source Tasks and Scripts

Legendary follows the scripts to rule them all pattern. This allows any developers familiar with the pattern, either from other Legendary projects, or from other projects that use the pattern, to immediately pick up a project and get it running.

Here's a summary of the scripts you'll mostly use:

  1. bootstrap installs all the dependencies needed to run the project.
  2. update is used to update dependencies.
  3. server runs the server.
  4. console runs the interactive console.
  5. test runs the test suite.

When you run server, console, or test, the script will make sure all the right dependencies are in place (by running bootstrap or update). This means you can go straight to running script/server and it should just work.

We encourage you to customize these scripts to the needs of your project as it grows. A developer should only ever have to run script/server to run the server, and should not need to remember anything beyond that. script/bootstrap should always install everything you need to set up the project from scratch. If you find yourself updating setup steps in your project's, consider how you might automate away that setup in your scripts.