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Important: We updated attribute for compatible with GPX. If you go to from older version, you need change attribue in state follow: :lati -> :lat, :long -> :lon, :elev -> :ele . Sorry for the inconvenience!

Use for simulating location/GPS (longitude, latitude, elevation) data. Support scalable for test workload.

Source code is available on Github

Package for using on



The library has 3 main part:

  1. Supervisor. Lib uses PartitionSupervisor for creating worker from config
  2. Worker. Generating GPS with user config
  3. Callback module. This is defined by user to handle event from worker


Api call flow

    participant CallbackModule
    participant Worker
    participant Api
    participant Supervisor

    Api->>Supervisor: Start with workers from config
    Supervisor->>Worker: Start GPS generator
    Worker->>CallbackModule: call start event
    Worker->>CallbackModule: call gps event
    Worker->>CallbackModule: call stop event

(for in local you need install extension support for mermaid to view flow)



Library can be installed by adding location_simulator to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:location_simulator, "~> 0.6"}

Library need to start before using APIs. If you need start with your app, you could add to application function:

def application do
    mod: {YourApp.Application, []},
    extra_applications: [:logger, :location_simulator]

If you need to modify source please go to Github and clone repo or contribute our repo.



Start LocationSimulator with default config:


With default config simulator will print location to console by Logger.

Start with your callback & config:


Generate fake GPS data

config =
      worker: 3,
      event: 100,
      interval: 1000,
      random_range: 0,
      direction: :random,
      elevation: 100,
      elevation_way: :up,
      callback: MyCallbackModule


Simulator support directions:

:north, :south, :east, :west, :north_east, :north_west, :south_east, :south_west

If :direction is missed or equal :random, simulator will random a direction for each worker.

With elevation, you can set start level and way :up or :down or no move up/down by any value.

If you want all worker started from same point, you can add :started_gps. In this case elevation config from outside will be ignored.

config =
    started_gps: {20.95991288388162, 107.06662537952286, 0}


Load GPS from GPX file

For load GPS data just add a file path with supported wildcard by config gpx_file. Some configs are related to GPS can be ignored.

config =
      worker: 3,
      interval: :gpx_time,
      gpx_file: "data/*.gpx"
      callback: MyCallbackModule


interval can match with gpx file by set interval to :gpx_time or set interval by an integer.

If you have multi GPX file matched with gpx_file worker will get file depended matched order and rotate if number of files is not enough for workers.



Start library in Elixir's shell:

mix deps.get

iex -S mix

iex(1)> LocationSimulator.start()

For writing callback module please go to LocationSimulator.Event document.

We provide simple demo that generate a GPX file. You can get from repo