Lustre Animation

The basic usage is

e.g. like this:

import lustre/animation as a

pub type Msg {

pub fn update(model: Model, msg: Msg) {
    let m = case msg of {
        Trigger -> {
            let new_anim = a.add(model.animations, "id", 1.0, 2.0, 0.250)
            Model(1.0, animations: new_anim)
        Tick(t) -> {
            let new_anim = a.tick(model.animations, t)
            let new_value = a.value(new_anim, "id", model.value)
            Model(new_value, new_anim)
    #(m, animation.cmd(m.animations, Tick))

In the above type Model, init and render have been omitted.

There are fully functional examples animations in the test/ directory, which you can build by

gleam test
npx vite

and then pointing your browser to the URL that vite indicates.


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