API Reference Manifest v0.3.2


Provides a structure for ordering operations that need to happen, and how to roll them back if they fail.

Defines a Record that contains information on how to branch to perform different steps. When the conditional returns a true value then the success step is performed, otherwise the failure step is performed.

Defines a Record that contains information on how to merge an inner t:Manifest.t() with the outer. The merge function will have access to all the previous results up to the point where the function is being evaluated.

Defines a Record that contains the necessary information to perform a step. The :work key defines the primary function to be run during the step. It should do the actual API call, GenServer call, or DB query. The :rollback key defines how the operation should be rolled back in the case of errors. It recieves a single arguement used to identify the resource to be reverted. The :parser key determines some form of identifier that the rollback function will recieve as it's argument. Can be anything as long as the rollback can use it.