It’s easy for mat to format strings!

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mat is a gleam library for simple string formatting.

It’s goals is easy and ergonomic formatting of any values.

gleam add mat
import mat
import gleam/io

pub fn main() {
  mat.format2("This is hello from {}! The answer is {}", "Mat", 42)
  |> io.println

It formats any variable type: String, Int, List, your own types, etc.!

mat is also fault-tolerant. It will do it’s best with what it’s given.

Too many variables? Ignore the rest. Not enough variables? Leave the placeholders in.

This means that you don’t have to handle any Results. This makes it convenient for prototyping or for cases where you don’t care about the output that much (for example logs)

If you’re looking for more robust formatting, with type-safety, check out


Because mat is just a gleam library, there are some limitations on the ergonomics front.

Since you can’t have heterogeneous lists or a variable amount of arguments, you have to either:

  1. Use correct function, e.g. format3 if you have 3 variables
  2. Convert all your arguments to dynamics and use that with format_list

Of course, if all your variables are of the same type, you can simple use format_list with a list of that type.

Functions are currently rendered as <function>, because I haven’t yet found a way to get information about a function.

Further documentation can be found at


gleam run   # Run the project
gleam test  # Run the tests
gleam shell # Run an Erlang shell
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