API Reference mavis v0.0.6


Type analysis system for Elixir.


Handles bitstrings and binaries in the erlang/elixir type system.

Represents a function type.

a special container type indicating that the function has a type dependency.

composes inference modules into a single inference pipeline.

Represents lists, except for the empty list, which is represented by the empty list literal [].

Represents map terms. Note that some of the choices around how to handle maps may deviate from the expectations in the typesystem.

A fallback inference module. Builds a type out of the arity of the function, claiming that it takes any/0 values for all of the parameters and returns any/0

A wrapper for opaqueness.

Convenience functions. Should only be used in testing.

An inference module which looks up the spec of the function and if it can find it, it reports that as its associated type.

Represents tuple types.

Represents the Union of two or more types.