View Source API Reference Membrane RTMP plugin v0.23.3


Protocol for implementing RTMP Message validators. Allows for verifying some of the RTMP messages.

Default implementation of the MessageValidator protocol which allows every incoming stream.

A catch-all module for all the messages that don't have a dedicated module, eg. onBWDone, onStatus, _result.

Defines the RTMP connect command.

Defines the RTMP onExpectAdditionalMedia command that is related to Twitch's RTMP additional media track message.

Defines the RTMP onMetaData command (sent by nginx client).

Defines the RTMP publish command.

Defines the RTMP releaseStream command.

Defines the RTMP setDataFrame command.

Membrane element being client-side of RTMP streams. It needs to receive at least one of: video stream in H264 format or audio in AAC format. Currently it supports only

Membrane Element for receiving an RTMP stream. Acts as a RTMP Server.

A simple ssl server, which handles each new incoming connection.

A simple tcp server, which handles each new incoming connection.

Bin responsible for demuxing and parsing an RTMP stream.