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The creation of this macro will allow you to build Structs that provide you with a number of important options, including the following

Mishka Elixir Developer Tools

We tried to deliver a series of our client's CMS built on Elixir at the start of the Mishka Group project, but we recently archived this open-source project and have yet to make plans to rework and expand it. This system was created using Phoenix and Phoenix LiveView. After a long period, a series of macros and functional modules emerged from this project and our other projects, which we are gradually publishing in this library.

Simplified CRUD macro using Ecto

With this module, you can easily implement CRUD-related items in your file wherever you need to build a query. These modules and their sub-macros were created more to create a one-piece structure, and you can implement your own custom items in umbrella projects. In the first step, to use the following macros, you must bind the requested information in the relevant module that you have already created as follows.

Consider the scenario in which you are responsible for maintaining each user's access level in the database related to users. In addition, each router in your controller needs to be free for one access while preventing other things from accessing it. To achieve this goal, the PermissionAccess module provides assistance in implementing a Unix-like mode in the most straightforward manner feasible. This module was written with the contribution of Mr. Toomaj Boloorian, who can be found at the following GitHub address: and and Shahryar Tavakkoli: