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Mishka Elixir Developer Tools

Recently I have been working on MishkaCms, an open-source and free CMS for Elixir and Phoenix. It is very easy to use and has many APIs on both API, and HTML render. In this CMS, I should create some custom macros and modules which are helpful for Elixir developers epically Phoenix LiveView fans. Then I test them, and if they are usable, I put them into this project as separated tools. So when you want to start a project with Elixir, Mishka Developer Tools is an excellent opportunity to finish or start your project as well as possible.


Simplified CRUD macro using Ecto

With this module, you can easily implement CRUD-related items in your file wherever you need to build a query. These modules and their sub-macros were created more to create a one-piece structure, and you can implement your own custom items in umbrella projects. In the first step, to use the following macros, you must bind the requested information in the relevant module that you have already created as follows.