View Source mix help (Mix v1.11.3)

Lists all tasks and aliases or prints the documentation for a given task or alias.


mix help                  - prints all aliases, tasks and their short descriptions
mix help ALIAS            - prints the definition for the given alias
mix help TASK             - prints full docs for the given task
mix help --search PATTERN - prints all tasks and aliases that contain PATTERN in the name
mix help --names          - prints all task names and aliases
                            (useful for autocompleting)


When possible, mix help is going to use coloring for formatting guides. The formatting can be customized by configuring the Mix application either inside your project (in config/config.exs) or by using the local config (in ~/.mix/config.exs).

For example, to disable color, one may use the configuration:

[mix: [colors: [enabled: false]]]

The available color options are:

  • :enabled - shows ANSI formatting (defaults to IO.ANSI.enabled?/0)
  • :doc_code - the attributes for code blocks (cyan, bright)
  • :doc_inline_code - inline code (cyan)
  • :doc_headings - h1 and h2 (yellow, bright)
  • :doc_title - the overall heading for the output (reverse, yellow, bright)
  • :doc_bold - (bright)
  • :doc_underline - (underline)