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Mix Cmake is Elixir mix task to run Cmake build tool.



Add following dependency to your mix.exs,

def deps do
    {:mix_cmake, "~> 0.1.0"}

and compile mix_cmake.

$ mix deps.get
$ mix deps.compile
==> mix_cmake

Optionaly you can include some Cmake configuration as cmake: attribute in project/0 list.

def project do
    cmake: cmake()

def cmake() do
    # Specify cmake build directory or pseudo-path {:local, :global}.
    #   :local(default) - "./_build/.cmake_build"
    #   :global - "~/.\#{Cmake.app_name()}"
    build_dir: :local,
    # Specify cmake source directory.(default: File.cwd!)
    source_dir: File.cwd!,
    # Specify generator name.
    # "cmake --help" shows you build-in generators list.
    generator: "MSYS Makefiles",
    # Specify jobs parallel level.
    build_parallel_level: 4


Basic Usage

At the first, you need to prepare the "CMakeLists.txt" for your project. Mix Cmake can generate boiler plate "CMakeLists.txt" if you want. It also make a snipet of cmake/0 - Cmake configuration - including to mix.exs.

$ cd <your project>
$ mix cmake.init

After that, you will invoke sub-command config, build and install in order or invoke all in one command.

$ mix cmake.config
$ mix
$ mix cmake.install
$ mix cmake --config

Of course, config sub-command need to be run once. "mix cmake" with no options executes build and install only.

You can remove optupts built by Cmake to invoke sub-command clean.

$ mix cmake.clean

CAUTION: clean's option --all means to remove WHOLE BUILD working directory. You will have to run mix cmake.config next time.


Compiler Task

There is also a compiler task - Mix.Tasks.Compile.Cmake. You can execute cmake by invoking mix compile. In this case, you need to add the following settings to mix.exs.

def project() do
  app: :myapp,
  deps: deps(),
  compilers: [:cmake] ++ Mix.compilers,
  cmake: [
    build_dir: :local,
    build_parallel_level: 4,



Mix Cmake is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.