API Reference mllp v0.9.4


An Elixir library for transporting HL7 messages via MLLP (Minimal Lower Layer Protocol)

Handles all Ack message operations including getting ack messages for a given HL7 message, creating the ack for a given message, and handling the return value for different ack codes.

MLLP.Client provides a simple tcp client for sending and receiving data via MLLP over TCP.

MLLP.ClientContract provides the behavior implemented by MLLP.Client. It may be useful for testing in your own application with tools such as Mox

Echo dispatcher informs the user that a dispatch function was not set and returns an application_accept or application_reject depending on if the message is valid (String) or not. Useful for debugging and serves as an example for writing your own dispatcher.

Helper functions encoding and decoding MLLP-framed messages.

A simple MLLP server. Minimal Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) is an application level protocol which merely defines header and trailer delimiters for HL7 messages utilized in the healthcare industry for data interchange.