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ranked_high_hands(hands, community \\ [], opts \\ [])

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Compare 5 card high poker hands Selects best 5 cards for each player and then orders players Supply:

  • a list of {description, cards} tuples for comparison
  • a list of community cards, if applicable.
  • an options keyword list:
    • hand_selection: (:any, :omaha), defaults to :any
    • deck: (:standard, :short), defaults to :standard

Returns a sorted list of tuples: [{description, rank, :hand_descriptor}]


iex> Mola.ranked_high_hands([{"P1", "2c 3c 4c 5c 7s"}, {"P2", "2s 3s 4s 5s 6c"}, {"P3", "Ac As 7h 7c Kc"}])
[ {"P2", 1608, :six_high_straight}, {"P3", 2534, :aces_and_sevens}, {"P1", 7462, :seven_high} ]

iex> Mola.ranked_high_hands([{"P1", "2c 3c 4c 5c 7s 5d"}, {"P2", "2s 3s 4s 5s 6c Ks"}, {"P3", "Ac As 7h 7c Kc 7d"}])
[ {"P3", 251, :sevens_full_over_aces}, {"P2", 1144, :king_high_flush}, {"P1", 5519, :pair_of_fives} ]

iex> Mola.ranked_high_hands([{"BB", "🃔🃕"}, {"UTG", "AdAh"}, {"CO", "3d 3s"}], "Ac 2c 3h Td 3c")
[ {"BB", 10, :five_high_straight_flush}, {"CO", 143, :four_treys}, {"UTG", 177, :aces_full_over_treys} ]

iex> Mola.ranked_high_hands([{"BB", "4c 5d As Tc"}, {"UTG", "Ad Ah Th Ts"}, {"CO", "9c 3s Jc 8d"}], "Ac 2c Td Jd 3c", hand_selection: :omaha)
[ {"CO", 655, :ace_high_flush}, {"BB", 746, :ace_high_flush}, {"UTG", 1631, :three_aces} ]

iex> Mola.ranked_high_hands([{"BB", "7c 9c"}, {"UTG", "🃁🂱"}, {"CO", "8d 8s"}], "Ac 6c 8h Td 8c", deck: :short)
[ {"BB", 6, :nine_high_straight_flush}, {"CO", 55, :four_eights}, {"UTG", 204, :aces_full_over_eights} ]