Msgpax v2.2.3 Msgpax.Ext.Unpacker behaviour View Source

Behaviour to unpack Msgpax.Ext structs into arbitrary terms.

Modules that implement this behaviour can be passed as the value of the :ext option in Msgpax.unpack/2 and Msgpax.unpack_slice/2 (and their bang! variants).

See the documentation for Msgpax.Ext for usage examples.

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Invoked when unpacking the given extension

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unpack(ext :: Msgpax.Ext.t() | Msgpax.ReservedExt.t()) :: {:ok, any()} | :error

Invoked when unpacking the given extension.

It should return {:ok, value} to have Msgpax return value when unpacking the given extension, or :error if there’s an error while unpacking.