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Mutagen is a simple mutex server for the Nitrogen Web Framework. It was previously part of Nitro Cache but has been pulled out and generalized in case a more generalized mutex system is needed for Erlang and/or Nitrogen users.

Add to your rebar.config

{deps, [

Make sure you start it


  • Add it to the applications list in your .app.src file, or
  • Start it manually with application:ensure_all_started(mutagen).


Mutagen has a few very simple functions, once the server is running.

  • lock(Key) -> fail | success: Attempt to lock the mutex Key. If the mutex is successfully locked, the call will return success. If the mutex is already locked, the mutex will return fail.

  • lock(Key, Timeout) -> fail | success: Attempt the lock mutex Key, however, if the mutex is currently already locked, the call will stall and wait up to Timeout milliseconds before giving up and returning fail.

  • wait(Key) -> free: Only return when the mutex identified by Key is free. This does not then lock the mutex, it merely returns when it's available.

  • wait(Key, Timeout) -> free | not_free: Only returns free when the mutex identified by Key is free, or if the mutex is not free after Timeout milliseconds, return not_free.

  • status() -> StatusInfo: Returns a proplist of information related to the number of mutexes that are currently locked, the number of processes queued to lock an already locked mutex, and the number of processes waiting for the mutex to be free.


Apache 2.0 License

Copyright 2023 Jesse Gumm