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This project follows Semantic Versioning.


v0.1.11 - 2023-02-04

  • Bug fixees

  • Improvements

    • Test with ANSI off to make tests easier to read
    • Update specs to IO.chardata() for consistency


v0.1.10 - 2023-02-01

  • Improvements
    • Print milliseconds when uptime < 60s
    • Add serial number


v0.1.9 - 2022-11-17

  • Improvements
    • Append "°C" to temperature value


v0.1.8 - 2022-10-26

  • Improvements
    • Show CPU temperature on MOTD
    • Support OTP 25
    • Update the Nerves CLI help url
    • Fix tests with nerves_runtime >= 0.11.9


v0.1.7 - 2022-03-03

  • Improvements
    • Skip printing MOTD if Nerves.Runtime isn't started. The previous behavior was to try to start Nerves.Runtime. The scenario this mostly affects is printing the MOTD to the serial console right after Elixir loads, but before Nerves.Runtime and the rest. Besides printing a slightly confusing MOTD of a partially started system, it also could reorder OTP application from the boot script.


v0.1.6 - 2021-11-29

  • Improvements
    • Add :extra_rows option to allow users to supply additional information to be printed in the MOTD. The use case for this is to show project-specific information like MQTT connection status in addition to the generic info.


v0.1.5 - 2021-11-02

  • Improvements
    • Print local time when a time zone has been set with NervesTimeZones
    • Handle exceptions from NervesMOTD.print/1 so they don't prematurely end iex.exs scripts
    • Handle Nerves configurations that do not have an application data partition
    • Simplify text handling internally by using Elixir's ansidata throughout


v0.1.4 - 2021-10-17

  • Improvements
    • Improve the logo so that it can render properly on touchscreen


v0.1.3 - 2021-10-10

  • Improvements
    • Remove denominator (loaded application count) from the applications section because it is changeable and can cause confusion
    • Change text color for applications not (yet) loaded from red to yellow because most of the time it is transient


v0.1.2 - 2021-09-25

  • Improvements
    • Show IP addresses assigned to network interfaces


v0.1.1 - 2021-09-15

  • Updates
    • Refactor the template using iodata
    • Use round instead of trunc for percentage
    • Update screenshot in readme


v0.1.0 - 2021-09-08

Initial release