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Returns a map to be decoded into the struct adopting the protocol.

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gather_fields_from_map(value, context, map)

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Returns a map to be decoded into the struct adopting the protocol.

Nestru calls this function as the first step of the decoding procedure. Useful to adapt the keys of the map to match the field names of the target struct and to specify default values for the missing keys.

The first argument is an empty struct value adopting the protocol.

The second argument is the context value given to the Nestru.decode_from_map/3 function call.

The third argument is a map given to the Nestru.decode_from_map/3 function call.

If the function returns {:ok, decodable_map}, then the decodable_map will be decoded into the struct on the next step.

If the function returns {:error, message} tuple, then decoding stops, and the error is bypassed to the caller.

Any other return value raises an error.

The default implementation returns the input map unmodified.

To generate the keys translating implementation, set the @derive module attribute to the tuple of Nestru.PreDecoder and the :translate option specifying the map with key names translation. It's useful for copying the value from the input map with the given key to the decodable map with the struct filed key. See the example below.


def FruitEnergy do
  # Keys map can be given with deriving the protocol.
  # The following will make a function copying the value
  # of the "energy_factor" key into the :factor key in the map.
  @derive {Nestru.PreDecoder, translate: %{"energy_factor" => :factor}}

  @derive Nestru.Decoder

  defstruct [:value]

defmodule FruitBox do
  @derive Nestru.Decoder

  defstruct [:items]

  defimpl Nestru.PreDecoder do
    # Put values into the map with the struct's keys to be decoded later
    def gather_fields_from_map(_value, _context, map) do
      {:ok, %{items: Nestru.get(map, "elements"), name: "Default name"}}