API Reference Noizu Weaviate v0.1.1


Noizu.Weaviate is a library providing a simple wrapper around Weaviate's API calls. It handles various API features such as meta information, batch operations, backups, schema operations, nodes information, data objects, and classification.

Functions for authentication in the Weaviate API.

Functions for working with backups in Weaviate.

Functions for batch operations in Weaviate.

Functions for classification operations in Weaviate.

Functions for getting meta information about the Weaviate instance.

Functions for getting information about the Weaviate nodes.

Functions for interacting with data objects in Weaviate.

Noizu.Weaviate.Api.Schema is a module that provides functionality for interacting with the Weaviate schema API. This module offers various functions for configuring classes, properties, vector indices, inverted index, stopwords, and replication in the Weaviate schema.

Main class to provide functionalities for Weaviate classes.

Struct for representing a class in Weaviate schema.

Struct for representing classification parameters in Weaviate.

Struct for representing a data object in Weaviate.

Structs for storing information about nodes.

Struct for representing a property in Weaviate schema.