Number.Percentage (number v1.0.3)

Provides functions for converting numbers into percentages.

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Formats a number into a percentage string.

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number_to_percentage(number, options \\ [])


number_to_percentage(number(), Keyword.t()) :: String.t()

Formats a number into a percentage string.


  • number - A value to convert. Can be any value that implements Number.Conversion.to_float/1.

  • options - A keyword list of options. See the documentation below for all available options.


  • :precision - The number of decimal places to include. Default: 3

  • :delimiter - The character to use to delimit the number by thousands. Default: ","

  • :separator - The character to use to separate the number from the decimal places. Default: "."

Default configuration for these options can be specified in the Number application configuration.

config :number, percentage: [
                  delimiter: ",",
                  separator: ".",
                  precision: 2


iex> Number.Percentage.number_to_percentage(100)

iex> Number.Percentage.number_to_percentage("98")

iex> Number.Percentage.number_to_percentage(100, precision: 0)

iex> Number.Percentage.number_to_percentage(1000, delimiter: '.', separator: ',')

iex> Number.Percentage.number_to_percentage(302.24398923423, precision: 5)

iex> Number.Percentage.number_to_percentage(Decimal.from_float(59.236), precision: 2)