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The tensor struct and the behaviour for backends.

Nx.Tensor is a generic container for multidimensional data structures. It contains the tensor type, shape, and names. The data itself is a struct that points to a backend responsible for controlling the data. The backend behaviour is described in Nx.Backend.

The tensor has the following fields:

  • :data - the tensor backend and its data
  • :shape - the tensor shape
  • :type - the tensor type
  • :names - the tensor names

In general it is discouraged to access those fields directly. Use the functions in the Nx module instead. Backends have to access those fields but it cannot update them, except for the :data field itself.

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@type axes() :: [axis()]
@type axis() :: name() | integer()
@type data() :: Nx.Backend.t()
@type name() :: atom()
@type shape() :: tuple()
@type t() :: %Nx.Tensor{data: data(), names: [name()], shape: shape(), type: type()}
@type t(data) :: %Nx.Tensor{data: data, names: [name()], shape: shape(), type: type()}
@type type() :: Nx.Type.t()