Oasis.Router (oasis v0.4.0) View Source

Base on Plug.Router to add a pre-parser to convert and validate the path param(s) in the final generated HTTP verb match functions.

The generated router module uses Oasis.Router to instead of Plug.Router, in fact, they don't make a huge difference, except that specify parameters which will then be available and types coverted in the function body:

  private: %{
    path_schema: %{
      "id" => %{
        "schema" => %ExJsonSchema.Schema.Root{
          schema: %{"type" => "integer"}
  }) do
  # Notice that the `:id` variable is an integer
  send_resp(conn, 200, "hello #{id}")

The :id parameter will also be available and coverted as an integer in the function body as conn.params["id"] and conn.path_params["id"].