Oasis.Token.Crypto (oasis v0.4.0) View Source

A module to represent crypto-related key information.

All fields of Oasis.Token.Crypto are completely map to:

Please refer the above functions for details to construct it.

In general, when we define a bearer security scheme of the OpenAPI Specification, the generated module will use this struct to define the required crypto-related key information.

Please note that the value of the :secret_key_base field is required to be a string at least 20 length.

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t() :: %Oasis.Token.Crypto{
  key_digest: atom(),
  key_iterations: pos_integer(),
  key_length: pos_integer(),
  max_age: integer(),
  salt: String.t(),
  secret: String.t(),
  secret_key_base: String.t(),
  signed_at: non_neg_integer()