View Source OffBroadway.Splunk.Client behaviour (off_broadway_splunk v1.2.0)

A generic behaviour for implementing Splunk clients for OffBroadway.Splunk.Producer.

This module defines callbacks to normalize options and receive items for a Splunk SID (Search ID).

Modules that implements this behaviour should be passed as the :splunk_client option from OffBroadway.Splunk.Producer.

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@type messages() :: [Broadway.Message.t()]

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ack_message(message, ack_options)

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@callback ack_message(message :: Broadway.Message.t(), ack_options :: any()) :: any()
@callback init(opts :: any()) ::
  {:ok, normalized_opts :: any()} | {:error, reason :: binary()}
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receive_messages(sid, demand, opts)

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@callback receive_messages(sid :: binary(), demand :: pos_integer(), opts :: any()) ::
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receive_status(sid, opts)

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@callback receive_status(sid :: binary(), opts :: any()) ::
  {:ok, response :: any()} | {:error, reason :: any()}