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Generates a Graph with all the pipeline modules, their stages and their relationships when there are links.

Make sure to have Graphviz installed before using this.


Opus.Graph.generate(:awesome_app, %{filetype: :png, filename: "my_graph"})

The above will create a my_graph.png graph image at the current working directory.


  • filetype: The output format. Must be one of: [:svg, :png, :pdf]. Defaults to: :png

  • docs_base_url: The prefix part of the documentation URLs set as hrefs for graph nodes. Defaults to: ""

  • theme: A map of options on how the graph should be styled. Defaults to:

  colors: %{
    background: %{
      check: "#7FB3D5",
      link: "#C39BD3",
      pipeline: "#DDDDDD",
      skip: "#8B80FF",
      step: "#73C6B6",
      tee: "#A6ACAF"
    border: %{conditional: "#F9E79F", normal: "#222222", pipeline: "#222222"},
    edges: %{link: "purple", normal: "black"}
  penwidth: 2,
  stage_shape: "box",
  style: %{conditional: "filled, dashed", normal: "filled"}

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