API Reference Pathex v1.3.0


Main module. Use it inside your project to call Pathex macros

Module for building combinations into path-closures

Structure for working with closures as ASTs

Behaviour for building quoted composition-closures of multiple paths

This builder builds composition for &&& operator

Builder for paths concatenation (with ~>)

This builder builds composition for ||| operator

Forceupdater-builder which builds function for updates in given path

Viewer-builder which creates function which matches with one big case

Module with common functions for updaters

Updater-builder which generates function for simply updates value in the given path

Simple viewer-builder for functions which apply func to value in the path

Module with common functions for viewers

Module for combination structures

Util functions for working with AST in Pathex Shared among all Pathex projects

Simple exception for bang! functions errors. Some new field may be added in the future

Module with collection of prebuilt paths

Private module for all() lens

Private module for any() lens

Private module for filtering(condition) lens

Private module for matching(pattern) lens

Private module for some() lens

Private module for star() lens

Module for working with modifiers for paths Like :naive, :json, :map

Module for parsing path created with sigils

Utils module for parsing paths created with Pathex.path/2