Pbkdf2.Stats (pbkdf2_elixir v1.4.0) View Source

Module to provide statistics for the Pbkdf2 password hashing function.

Configuring Pbkdf2

The main configuration option for Pbkdf2 is the number of rounds that it uses. Increasing this value will increase the complexity, and time taken, of the Pbkdf2 function.

Increasing the time that a password hash function takes makes it more difficult for an attacker to find the correct password. However, the amount of time a valid user has to wait also needs to be taken into consideration when setting the number of rounds.

The correct number of rounds depends on circumstances specific to your use case, such as what level of security you want, how often the user has to log in, and the hardware you are using. However, for password hashing, we do not recommend setting the number of rounds to anything less than 100_000.

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Hash a password with Pbkdf2 and print out a report.

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Hash a password with Pbkdf2 and print out a report.

This function hashes a password, and salt, with Pbkdf2.Base.hash_password/3 and prints out statistics which can help you choose how to configure Pbkdf2.


In addition to the options for Pbkdf2.Base.hash_password (rounds, output_fmt, digest and length), there are two options:

  • :password - the password used
    • the default is "password"
  • :salt - the salt used
    • the default is "somesaltSOMESALT"