API Reference Phoenix v1.5.9


This is the documentation for the Phoenix project.

Defines a Phoenix Channel.

Conveniences for testing Phoenix channels.

A plug and module to handle automatic code reloading.

Conveniences for testing Phoenix endpoints and connection related helpers.

Controllers are used to group common functionality in the same (pluggable) module.

Defines a Phoenix endpoint.

The Cowboy2 adapter for Phoenix.

The Cowboy adapter for Phoenix.

Instrumenter to handle logging of various instrumentation events.

Raised when a key is expected to be present in the request parameters, but is not.

Conveniences for inflecting and working with names in Phoenix.

Raised when one of the accept* headers is not accepted by the server.

A protocol that converts data structures into URL parameters.

Provides Presence tracking to processes and channels.

Defines a Phoenix router.

Exception raised when the URI is malformed on matching.

Exception raised when no route is found.

A socket implementation that multiplexes messages over channels.

Defines a message sent from pubsub to channels and vice-versa.

Raised when the socket message is invalid.

Defines a message dispatched over transport to channels and vice-versa.

Defines a reply sent from channels to transports.

A behaviour that serializes incoming and outgoing socket messages.

Outlines the Socket <-> Transport communication.

Templates are used by Phoenix when rendering responses.

The Phoenix engine that handles the .eex extension.

Specifies the API for adding custom template engines into Phoenix.

The Phoenix engine that handles the .exs extension.

Exception raised when a template cannot be found.

Tokens provide a way to generate and verify bearer tokens for use in Channels or API authentication.

Defines the view layer of a Phoenix application.

Mix Tasks

Compiles Phoenix source files that support code reloading.

Updates the Phoenix project generator locally.

Prints Phoenix tasks and their information.

Digests and compresses static files.

Removes old versions of compiled assets.

Generates a self-signed certificate for HTTPS testing.

Generates a Phoenix channel.

Generates a context with functions around an Ecto schema.

Generates an embedded Ecto schema for casting/validating data outside the DB.

Generates controller, views, and context for an HTML resource.

Generates controller, views, and context for a JSON resource.

Generates LiveView, templates, and context for a resource.

Generates a Presence tracker.

Generates an Ecto schema and migration.

Generates a secret and prints it to the terminal.

Creates a new Phoenix project.

Creates a new Ecto project within an umbrella project.

Creates a new Phoenix web project within an umbrella project.

Prints all routes for the default or a given router.

Starts the application by configuring all endpoints servers to run.