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Prints all routes for the default or a given router. Can also locate the controller function behind a specified url.

$ mix phx.routes [ROUTER] [--info URL]

The default router is inflected from the application name unless a configuration named :namespace is set inside your application configuration. For example, the configuration:

config :my_app,
  namespace: My.App

will exhibit the routes for My.App.Router when this task is invoked without arguments.

Umbrella projects do not have a default router and therefore always expect a router to be given. An alias can be added to mix.exs to automate this:

defp aliases do
    "phx.routes": "phx.routes MyAppWeb.Router",
    # aliases...



  • --info - locate the controller function definition called by the given url



Print all routes for the default router:

$ mix phx.routes

Print all routes for the given router:

$ mix phx.routes MyApp.AnotherRouter

Print information about the controller function called by a specified url:

$ mix phx.routes --info
  Module: RouteInfoTestWeb.PageController
  Function: :index

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