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0.19.1 (2023-06-06)



  • Allow accept attribute on <.live_file_input> to override default values


Bug fixes

  • Fix issue causing anchor clicks to disconnect LV when they were already handled via preventDefault() by other scripts


0.19.0 (2023-05-29)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Drop support for passing an id to the phx-feedback-for attribute. An input name must be passed instead.
  • Remove previously deprecated let attribute. Use :let instead
  • Remove previously deprecated <%= live_img_preview(entry) %>. Use <.live_img_preview entry={entry} /> instead
  • Remove previously deprecated <%= live_file_input(upload) %>. Use <.live_file_input upload={upload} /> instead
  • Remove previously deprecated <%= live_component(Component) %>. Use <.live_component module={Component} id=\"hello\" /> instead



  • Support stream resets with bulk insert operations
  • Support ordered inputs within inputs_for, to pair with Ecto's new sort_param and drop_param casting
  • Send form phx-value's on form events



  • Deprecate passing :dom_id to stream/4 in favor of stream_configure/3
  • Deprecate render_block/2 in favor of render_slot/2
  • Deprecate <%= live_img_preview(entry, opts) %>. Use <.live_img_preview entry={entry} {opts} />
  • Deprecate <%= live_file_input(upload, opts) %>. Use <.live_file_input upload={upload} {opts} />
  • Deprecate stateless LiveComponent in favor of function components or in favor of <.live_component id={...} /> (note the id is required)


Bug fixes

  • Fix LiveView disconnects when clicking a download link
  • Fix stream deletes not being sent on nested for comprehensions
  • Fix phx-disconnected bindings not firing on mount failures
  • Support form recovery on forms with only hidden inputs


0.18.18 (2023-03-16)


Bug fixes

  • Allow :live_action to be assigned in a component
  • Only filter internal function component attributes in assigns_to_attributes
  • Only include submitter with name



  • Add JS.exec command for executing commands defined on other element attributes


0.18.17 (2023-03-09)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix callbacks like handle_info failing to be invoked in development after a code change with the Phoenix code reloader



  • Support submitter on form submit events.
  • Avoid compile-time dependency for attr when referencing structs
  • Validate reserved assigns. Attempting to assign :uploads, :streams, :live_action, :socket, :myself will now raise in LiveView and LiveComponent


0.18.16 (2023-02-23)



  • Support streams in Live Components
  • Optimize plug error translation when a Plug.Exception is raised over connected LiveView


Bug Fixes

  • Fix formatter issues when there are multiple HTML comments


0.18.15 (2023-02-16)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix JS.transition applying incorrect classes



  • Reset phx-feedback-for errors on type="reset" inputs and buttons


0.18.14 (2023-02-14)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix LiveViewTest failing to find main live view


0.18.13 (2023-02-10)



  • Improve error message when failing to use Phoenix.Component


0.18.12 (2023-02-10)



  • Introduce streams for efficiently handling large collections
  • Allow replies from :handle_event lifecycle hooks
  • Add <.inputs_for> component to Phoenix.Component
  • Support replies on lifecycle :handle_event hooks


Bug Fixes

  • Fix change tracking when re-assigning a defaulted attribute to same default value
  • Fix upload drag and drop failing to worka after using file select dialog
  • Fix form recovery when form's first input is phx-change


0.18.11 (2023-01-19)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix socket unloading connection for forms that have defaulted prevented


0.18.10 (2023-01-18)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix svg tags with href incorrectly unloading socket on click
  • Fix form submits with target="_blank" incorrectly unloading socket on submit


0.18.9 (2023-01-17)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix regular form submits failing to be dispatched


0.18.8 (2023-01-16)



  • Restore scroll position on back when previous navigation was live patch


Bug Fixes

  • Fix live layout not being applied until connected render


0.18.7 (2023-01-13)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix live layout not being applied when passed to :live_session during disconnect render
  • Fix external anchor clicks and links with hashes incorrectly unloading socket


0.18.6 (2023-01-09)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix external anchor click unloading on external click


0.18.5 (2023-01-09)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix external anchor click unloading socket


0.18.4 (2023-01-05)



  • Support string upload name to support dynamically generated allow_upload's


Bug Fixes

  • Fix nested LiveView race condition on live patch causing nested child to skip updates in some cases
  • Fix browser history showing incorrect title when using live navigation with @page_title
  • Fix undefined _target param when using JS.push for form changes
  • Fix phx-no-feedback missing from inputs added after a form submit
  • Fix phx-disconnected events firing when navigating away or submitting external forms


0.18.3 (2022-10-26)



  • Add embed_templates to Phoenix.Component for embedding template files as function components
  • Raise on global slot attributes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug on slots when passing multiple slot entries with mix if/for syntax


0.18.2 (2022-10-04)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix match error when defining :values before :default
  • Allow tuples in external redirects
  • Fix race condition on dispatching click away when enter is pressed
  • Fix formatter breaking inline blocks when surrounded by text without whitespace



  • Add intersperse component for rendering a separator between an enumerable


0.18.1 (2022-09-28)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix phx-loading class being applied to dead views
  • Fix <.live_img_preview /> causing invalid attribute errors on uploads
  • Do not fire phx events when element is disabled



  • Support :include option to extend global attributes on a case-by-case basis
  • Warn when accessing a variable binding defined outside of ~H


0.18.0 (2022-09-20)

LiveView v0.18 includes a major new feature in the form of declarative assigns with new attr and slot APIs for specifying which attributes a function component supports, the type, and default values. Attributes and slots are compile-time verified and emit warnings (requires Elixir v1.14.0+).

v0.18 includes a number of new function components which replace their EEx expression counterparts <%= ... %>. For example, live_redirect, live_patch, and Phoenix.HTML's link have been replaced by a unified function component:

<.link href="">my app</.link>
<.link navigate={@path}>remount</.link>
<.link patch={@path}>patch</.link>

Those new components live in the Phoenix.Component module. Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers itself has been soft deprecated and all relevant functionality has been migrated. You must import Phoenix.Component where you previously imported Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers when upgrading. You may also need to import Phoenix.Component where you also imported Phoenix.LiveView and some of its functions have been moved to Phoenix.Component.

Additionally, the special let attribute on function components have been deprecated by a :let usage.



  • live_redirect - deprecate in favor of new <.link navigate={..}> component of Phoenix.Component
  • live_patch - deprecate in favor of new <.link patch={..}> component of Phoenix.Component
  • push_redirect - deprecate in favor of new push_navigate function on Phoenix.LiveView



  • [Component] Add declarative assigns with compile-time verifications and warnings via attr/slot
  • [Component] Add new attrs :let and :for, and :if with HTML tag, function component, and slot support. We still support let but the formatter will convert it to :let and soon it will be deprecated.
  • [Component] Add dynamic_tag function component
  • [Component] Add link function component
  • [Component] Add focus_wrap function component to wrap focus around content like modals and dialogs for accessibility
  • [Logger] Add new LiveView logger with telemetry instrumentation for lifecycle events
  • [JS] Add new JS commands for focus, focus_first, push_focus, and pop_focus for accessibility
  • [Socket] Support sharing Phoenix.LiveView.Socket with regular channels via use Phoenix.LiveView.Socket
  • Add _live_referer connect param for handling push_navigate referal URL
  • Add new phx-connected and phx-disconnected bindings for reacting to lifecycle changes
  • Add dead view support for JS commands
  • Add dead view support for hooks


Bug fixes

  • Fix external upload issue where listeners are not cleaned up when an external failure happens on the client
  • Do not debounce phx-blur


0.17.12 (2022-09-20)



  • Add support for upcoming Phoenix 1.7 flash interface


0.17.11 (2022-07-11)



  • Add replaceTransport to LiveSocket


Bug fixes

  • Cancel debounced events from firing after a live navigation event
  • Fix hash anchor failing to scroll to anchor element on live navigation
  • Do not debounce phx-blur events


0.17.10 (2022-05-25)


Bug fixes

  • [Formatter] Preserve single quote delimiter on attrs
  • [Formatter] Do not format inline elements surrounded by texts without whitespaces
  • [Formatter] Keep text and eex along when there isn't a whitespace
  • [Formatter] Fix intentional line breaks after eex expressions
  • [Formatter] Handle self close tags as inline
  • [Formatter] Do not format inline elements without whitespaces among them
  • [Formatter] Do not format when attr contenteditable is present



  • [Formatter] Introduce special attr phx-no-format to skip formatting


0.17.9 (2022-04-07)


Bug fixes

  • Fix sticky LiveViews failing to be patched during live navigation
  • Do not raise on dynamic phx-update value


0.17.8 (2022-04-06)



  • Add HEEx formatter
  • Support phx-change on individual inputs
  • Dispatch MouseEvent on client
  • Add :bubbles option to JS.dispatch to control event bubbling
  • Expose underlying liveSocket instance on hooks
  • Enable client debug by default on localhost


Bug fixes

  • Fix hook and sticky LiveView issues caused by back-to-back live redirects from mount
  • Fix hook destroyed callback failing to be invoked for children of phx-remove in some cases
  • Do not failsafe reload the page on push timeout if disconnected
  • Do not bubble navigation click events to regular phx-click's
  • No longer generate csrf_token for forms without action, reducing the payload during phx-change/phx-submit events


0.17.7 (2022-02-07)



  • Optimize nested for comprehension diffs


Bug fixes

  • Fix error when live_redirect links are clicked when not connected in certain cases


0.17.6 (2022-01-18)



  • Add JS.set_attribute and JS.remove_attribute
  • Add sticky: true option to live_render to maintain a nested child on across live redirects
  • Dispatch phx:show-start, phx:show-end, phx:hide-start and phx:hide-end on|hide|toggle
  • Add get_connect_info/2 that also works on disconnected render
  • Add LiveSocket constructor options for configuration failsafe behavior via new maxReloads, reloadJitterMin, reloadJitterMax, failsafeJitter options


Bug fixes

  • Show form errors after submit even when no changes occur on server
  • Fix phx-disable-with failing to disable elements outside of forms
  • Fix phx ref tracking leaving elements in awaiting state when targeting an external LiveView
  • Fix diff on response failing to await for active transitions in certain cases
  • Fix phx-click-away not respecting phx-target
  • Fix "disconnect" broadcast failing to failsafe refresh the page
  • Fix JS.push with :target failing to send to correct component in certain cases




0.17.5 (2021-11-02)


Bug fixes

  • Do not trigger phx-click-away if element is not visible
  • Fix phx-remove failing to tear down nested live children


0.17.4 (2021-11-01)


Bug fixes

  • Fix variable scoping issues causing various content block or duplication rendering bugs


0.17.3 (2021-10-28)



  • Support 3-tuple for JS class transitions to support staged animations where a transition class is applied with a starting and ending class
  • Allow JS commands to be executed on DOM nodes outside of the LiveView container



  • Avoid duplicate statics inside comprehension. In previous versions, comprehensions were able to avoid duplication only in the content of their root. Now we recursively traverse all comprehension nodes and send the static only once for the whole comprehension. This should massively reduce the cost of sending comprehensions over the wire


Bug fixes

  • Fix HTML engine bug causing expressions to be duplicated or not rendered correctly
  • Fix HTML engine bug causing slots to not be re-rendered when they should have
  • Fix form recovery being sent to wrong target


0.17.2 (2021-10-22)


Bug fixes

  • Fix HTML engine bug causing attribute expressions to be incorrectly evaluated in certain cases
  • Fix show/hide/toggle custom display not being restored
  • Fix default to target for|hide|dispatch
  • Fix form input targeting


0.17.1 (2021-10-21)


Bug fixes

  • Fix SVG element support for phx binding interactions


0.17.0 (2021-10-21)


Breaking Changes

on_mount changes

The hook API introduced in LiveView 0.16 has been improved based on feedback. LiveView 0.17 removes the custom module-function callbacks for the Phoenix.LiveView.on_mount/1 macro and the :on_mount option for Phoenix.LiveView.Router.live_session/3 in favor of supporting a custom argument. For clarity, the module function to be invoked during the mount lifecycle stage will always be named on_mount/4.

For example, if you had invoked on_mount/1 like so:

on_mount MyAppWeb.MyHook
on_mount {MyAppWeb.MyHook, :assign_current_user}

and defined your callbacks as:

# my_hook.ex

def mount(_params, _session, _socket) do

def assign_current_user(_params, _session, _socket) do

Change the callback to:

# my_hook.ex

def on_mount(:default, _params, _session, _socket) do

def on_mount(:assign_current_user, _params, _session, _socket) do

When given only a module name, the first argument to on_mount/4 will be the atom :default.

LEEx templates in stateful LiveComponents

Stateful LiveComponents (where an :id is given) must now return HEEx templates (~H sigil or .heex extension). LEEx templates (~L sigil or .leex extension) are no longer supported. This addresses bugs and allows stateful components to be rendered more efficiently client-side.

phx-disconnected class has been replaced with phx-loading

Due to a bug in the newly released Safari 15, the previously used .phx-disconnected class has been replaced by a new .phx-loading class. The reason for the change is included a .phx-disconnected rule in the generated app.css which triggers the Safari bug. Renaming the class avoids applying the erroneous rule for existing applications. Folks can upgrade by simply renaming their .phx-disconnected rules to .phx-loading.

phx-capture-click has been deprecated in favor of phx-click-away

The new phx-click-away binding replaces phx-capture-click and is much more versatile because it can detect "click focus" being lost on containers.

Removal of previously deprecated functionality

Some functionality that was previously deprecated has been removed:

  • Implicit assigns in live_component do-blocks is no longer supported
  • Passing a @socket to live_component will now raise if possible



  • Allow slots in function components: they are marked as <:slot_name> and can be rendered with <%= render_slot @slot_name %>
  • Add JS command for executing JavaScript utility operations on the client with an extended push API
  • Optimize string attributes:
    • If the attribute is a string interpolation, such as <div class={"foo bar #{@baz}"}>, only the interpolation part is marked as dynamic
    • If the attribute can be empty, such as "class" and "style", keep the attribute name as static
  • Add a function component for rendering Phoenix.LiveComponent. Instead of <%= live_component FormComponent, id: "form" %>, you must now do: <.live_component module={FormComponent} id="form" />


Bug fixes

  • Fix LiveViews with form recovery failing to properly mount following a reconnect when preceded by a live redirect
  • Fix stale session causing full redirect fallback when issuing a push_redirect from mount
  • Add workaround for Safari bug causing <img> tags with srcset and video with autoplay to fail to render
  • Support EEx interpolation inside HTML comments in HEEx templates
  • Support HTML tags inside script tags (as in regular HTML)
  • Raise if using quotes in attribute names
  • Include the filename in error messages when it is not possible to parse interpolated attributes
  • Make sure the test client always sends the full URL on live_patch/live_redirect. This mirrors the behaviour of the JavaScript client
  • Do not reload flash from session on live_redirects
  • Fix select drop-down flashes in Chrome when the DOM is patched during focus



  • <%= live_component MyModule, id:, user: @user %> is deprecated in favor of <.live_component module={MyModule} id={} user={@user} />. Notice the new API requires using HEEx templates. This change allows us to further improve LiveComponent and bring new features such as slots to them.
  • render_block/2 in deprecated in favor of render_slot/2


0.16.4 (2021-09-22)



  • Improve HEEx error messages
  • Relax HTML tag validation to support mixed case tags
  • Support self closing HTML tags
  • Remove requirement for handle_params to be defined for lifecycle hooks


Bug fixes

  • Fix pushes failing to include channel join_ref on messages


0.16.3 (2021-09-03)


Bug fixes

  • Fix on_mount hooks calling view mount before redirecting when the hook issues a halt redirect.


0.16.2 (2021-09-03)



  • Improve error messages on tokenization
  • Improve error message if @inner_block is missing


Bug fixes

  • Fix phx-change form recovery event being sent to wrong component on reconnect when component order changes


0.16.1 (2021-08-26)




Bug fixes

  • Do not generate CSRF tokens for non-POST forms
  • Do not add compile-time dependencies on on_mount declarations


0.16.0 (2021-08-10)


Security Considerations Upgrading from 0.15

LiveView v0.16 optimizes live redirects by supporting navigation purely over the existing WebSocket connection. This is accomplished by the new live_session/3 feature of Phoenix.LiveView.Router. The security guide has always stressed the following:

... As we have seen, LiveView begins its life-cycle as a regular HTTP request. Then a stateful connection is established. Both the HTTP request and the stateful connection receives the client data via parameters and session. This means that any session validation must happen both in the HTTP request (plug pipeline) and the stateful connection (LiveView mount) ...

These guidelines continue to be valid, but it is now essential that the stateful connection enforces authentication and session validation within the LiveView mount lifecycle because a live_redirect from the client will not go through the plug pipeline as a hard-refresh or initial HTTP render would. This means authentication, authorization, etc that may be done in the Plug.Conn pipeline must also be performed within the LiveView mount lifecycle.

Live sessions allow you to support a shared security model by allowing live_redirects to only be issued between routes defined under the same live session name. If a client attempts to live redirect to a different live session, it will be refused and a graceful client-side redirect will trigger a regular HTTP request to the attempted URL.

See the Phoenix.LiveView.Router.live_session/3 docs for more information and example usage.


New HTML Engine

LiveView v0.16 introduces HEEx (HTML + EEx) templates and the concept of function components via Phoenix.Component. The new HEEx templates validate the markup in the template while also providing smarter change tracking as well as syntax conveniences to make it easier to build composable components.

A function component is any function that receives a map of assigns and returns a ~H template:

defmodule MyComponent do
  use Phoenix.Component

  def btn(assigns) do
    <button class="btn"><%= @text %></button>

This component can now be used as in your HEEx templates as:

<MyComponent.btn text="Save">

The introduction of HEEx and function components brings a series of deprecation warnings, some introduced in this release and others which will be added in the future. Note HEEx templates require Elixir v1.12+.


Upgrading and deprecations

The main deprecation in this release is that the ~L sigil and the .leex extension are now soft-deprecated. The docs have been updated to discourage them and using them will emit warnings in future releases. We recommend using the ~H sigil and the .heex extension for all future templates in your application. You should also plan to migrate the old templates accordingly using the recommendations below.

Migrating from LEEx to HEEx is relatively straightforward. There are two main differences. First of all, HEEx does not allow interpolation inside tags. So instead of:

<div id="<%= @id %>">

One should use the HEEx syntax:

<div id={@id}>

The other difference is in regards to form_for. Some templates may do the following:

<%= f = form_for @changeset, "#" %>
  <%= input f, :foo %>

However, when converted to ~H, it is not valid HTML: there is a </form> tag but its opening is hidden inside the Elixir code. On LiveView v0.16, there is a function component named form:

<.form :let={f} for={@changeset}>
  <%= input f, :foo %>

We understand migrating all templates from ~L to ~H can be a daunting task. Therefore we plan to support ~L in LiveViews for a long time. However, we can't do the same for stateful LiveComponents, as some important client-side features and optimizations will depend on the ~H sigil. Therefore our recommendation is to replace ~L by ~H first in live components, particularly stateful live components.

Furthermore, stateless live_component (i.e. live components without an :id) will be deprecated in favor of the new function components. Our plan is to support them for a reasonable period of time, but you should avoid creating new ones in your application.


Breaking Changes

LiveView 0.16 removes the :layout and :container options from in favor of the :root_layout and :container options on Phoenix.Router.live_session/3.

For instance, if you have the following in LiveView 0.15 and prior:

live "/path", MyAppWeb.PageLive, layout: {MyAppWeb.LayoutView, "custom_layout.html"}

Change it to:

live_session :session_name, root_layout: {MyAppWeb.LayoutView, "custom_layout.html"} do
  live "/path", MyAppWeb.PageLive

On the client, the phoenix_live_view package no longer provides a default export for LiveSocket.

If you have the following in your JavaScript entrypoint (typically located at assets/js/app.js):

import LiveSocket from "phoenix_live_view"

Change it to:

import { LiveSocket } from "phoenix_live_view"

Additionally on the client, the root LiveView element no longer exposes the LiveView module name, therefore the phx-view attribute is never set. Similarly, the viewName property of client hooks has been removed.

Codebases calling a custom function component/3 should rename it or specify its module to avoid a conflict, as LiveView introduces a macro with that name and it is special cased by the underlying engine.



  • Introduce HEEx templates
  • Introduce Phoenix.Component
  • Introduce Phoenix.Router.live_session/3 for optimized live redirects
  • Introduce on_mount and attach_hook hooks which provide a mechanism to tap into key stages of the LiveView lifecycle
  • Add upload methods to client-side hooks
  • [Helpers] Optimize live_img_preview rendering
  • [Helpers] Introduce form function component which wraps Phoenix.HTML.form_for
  • [LiveViewTest] Add with_target for scoping components directly
  • [LiveViewTest] Add refute_redirected
  • [LiveViewTest] Support multiple phx-target values to mirror JS client
  • [LiveViewTest] Add follow_trigger_action
  • [JavaScript Client] Add sessionStorage option LiveSocket constructor to support client storage overrides
  • [JavaScript Client] Do not failsafe reload the page in the background when a tab is unable to connect if the page is not visible


Bug fixes

  • Make sure components are loaded on render_component to ensure all relevant callbacks are invoked
  • Fix Phoenix.LiveViewTest.page_title returning nil in some cases
  • Fix buttons being re-enabled when explicitly set to disabled on server
  • Fix live patch failing to update URL when live patch link is patched again via handle_params within the same callback lifecycle
  • Fix phx-no-feedback class not applied when page is live-patched
  • Fix DOMException, querySelector, not a valid selector when performing DOM lookups on non-standard IDs
  • Fix select dropdown flashing close/opened when assigns are updated on Chrome/macOS
  • Fix error with multiple live_file_input in one form
  • Fix race condition in showError causing null querySelector
  • Fix statics not resolving correctly across recursive diffs
  • Fix no function clause matching in Phoenix.LiveView.Diff.many_to_iodata
  • Fix upload input not being cleared after files are uploaded via a component
  • Fix channel crash when uploading during reconnect
  • Fix duplicate progress events being sent for large uploads



  • Implicit assigns when passing a do-end block to live_component is deprecated
  • The ~L sigil and the .leex extension are now soft-deprecated in favor of ~H and .heex
  • Stateless live components (a live_component call without an :id) are deprecated in favor of the new function component feature


0.15.7 (2021-05-24)


Bug fixes

  • Fix broken webpack build throwing missing morphdom dependency


0.15.6 (2021-05-24)


Bug fixes

  • Fix live patch failing to update URL when live patch link is patched again from handle_params
  • Fix regression in LiveViewTest.render_upload/3 when using channel uploads and progress callback
  • Fix component uploads not being cleaned up on remove
  • Fix KeyError on LiveView reconnect when an active upload was previously in progress



  • Support function components via component/3
  • Optimize progress events to send less messages for larger file sizes
  • Allow session and local storage client overrides



  • Deprecate @socket/socket argument on live_component/3 call


0.15.5 (2021-04-20)



  • Add upload_errors/1 for returning top-level upload errors


Bug fixes

  • Fix consume_uploaded_entry/3 with external uploads causing inconsistent entries state
  • Fix push_event losing events when a single diff produces multiple events from different components
  • Fix deep merging of component tree sharing


0.15.4 (2021-01-26)


Bug fixes

  • Fix nested live_render's causing remound of child LiveView even when ID does not change
  • Do not attempt push hook events unless connected
  • Fix preflighted refs causing auto_upload: true to fail to submit form
  • Replace single upload entry when max_entries is 1 instead of accumulating multiple file selections
  • Fix static_path in open_browser failing to load stylesheets


0.15.3 (2021-01-02)


Bug fixes

  • Fix push_redirect back causing timeout on the client


0.15.2 (2021-01-01)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Remove beforeDestroy from phx-hook callbacks


Bug fixes

  • Fix form recovery failing to send input on first connection failure
  • Fix hooks not getting remounted after LiveView reconnect
  • Fix hooks reconnected callback being fired with no prior disconnect


0.15.1 (2020-12-20)



  • Ensure all click events bubble for mobile Safari
  • Run consume_uploaded_entries in LiveView caller process


Bug fixes

  • Fix hooks not getting remounted after LiveView recovery
  • Fix bug causing reload with jitter on timeout from previously closed channel
  • Fix component child nodes being lost when component patch goes from single root node to multiple child siblings
  • Fix phx-capture-click triggering on mouseup during text selection
  • Fix LiveView push_event's not clearing up in components
  • Fix <textarea> being patched by LiveView while focused


0.15.0 (2020-11-20)



  • Add live uploads support for file progress, interactive file selection, and direct to cloud support
  • Implement Phoenix.LiveViewTest.open_browser/2 that opens up a browser with the LiveView page


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Remove @inner_content in components and introduce render_block for rendering component @inner_block
  • Remove @live_module in socket templates in favor of @socket.view


Bug fixes

  • Make sure URLs are decoded after they are split
  • Do not recover forms without inputs
  • Fix race condition when components are removed and then immediately re-added before the client can notify their CIDs have been destroyed
  • Do not render LiveView if only events/replies have been added to the socket
  • Properly merge different components when sharing component subtrees on initial render
  • Allow variables inside do-blocks to be tainted
  • Fix push_redirect from mount hanging on the client and causing a fallback to full page reload when following a clicked live_redirect on the client


0.14.8 (2020-10-30)


Bug fixes

  • Fix compatibility with latest Plug


0.14.7 (2020-09-25)


Bug fixes

  • Fix redirect(socket, external: ...) when returned from an event
  • Properly follow location hashes on live patch/redirect
  • Fix failure in Phoenix.LiveViewTest when phx-update has non-HTML nodes as children
  • Fix phx_trigger_action submitting the form before the DOM updates are complete


0.14.6 (2020-09-21)


Bug fixes

  • Fix race condition on phx-trigger-action causing reconnects before server form submit


0.14.5 (2020-09-20)




Bug fixes

  • Fix scroll position when using back/forward with live_redirect's
  • Handle recursive components when generating diffs
  • Support hard redirects on mount
  • Properly track nested components on deletion on Phoenix.LiveViewTest


0.14.4 (2020-07-30)


Bug fixes

  • Fix hidden inputs throwing selection range error


0.14.3 (2020-07-24)



  • Support render_layout with LiveEEx


Bug fixes

  • Fix focused inputs being overwritten by latent patch
  • Fix LiveView error when "_target" input name contains array
  • Fix change tracking when passing a do-block to components


0.14.2 (2020-07-21)


Bug fixes

  • Fix Map of assigns together with @inner_content causing no function clause matching in Keyword.put/3 error
  • Fix LiveViewTest failing to patch children properly for append/prepend based phx-update's
  • Fix argument error when providing :as option to a live route
  • Fix page becoming unresponsive when the server crashes while handling a live patch
  • Fix empty diff causing pending data-ref based updates, such as classes and phx-disable-with content to not be updated
  • Fix bug where throttling keydown events would eat key presses
  • Fix <textarea>'s failing to be disabled on form submit
  • Fix text node DOM memory leak when using phx-update append/prepend



  • Allow :router to be given to render_component
  • Display file on compile warning for ~L
  • Log error on client when using a hook without a DOM ID
  • Optimize phx-update append/prepend based DOM updates


0.14.1 (2020-07-09)


Bug fixes

  • Fix nested live_render's failing to be torn down when removed from the DOM in certain cases
  • Fix LEEx issue for nested conditions failing to be re-evaluated


0.14.0 (2020-07-07)


Bug fixes

  • Fix IE11 issue where document.activeElement creates a null reference
  • Fix setup and teardown of root views when explicitly calling liveSocket.disconnect() followed by liveSocket.connect()
  • Fix error_tag failing to be displayed for non-text based inputs such as selects and checkboxes as the phx-no-feedback class was always applied
  • Fix phx-error class being applied on live_redirect
  • Properly handle Elixir's special variables, such as __MODULE__
  • No longer set disconnected class during patch
  • Track flash keys to fix back-to-back flashes from being discarded
  • Properly handle empty component diffs in the client for cases where the component has already been removed on the server
  • Make sure components in nested live views do not conflict
  • Fix phx-static not being sent from the client for child views
  • Do not fail when trying to delete a view that was already deleted
  • Ensure beforeDestroy is called on hooks in children of a removed element



  • Allow the whole component static subtree to be shared when the component already exists on the client
  • Add telemetry events to mount, handle_params, and handle_event
  • Add push_event for pushing events and data from the server to the client
  • Add client handleEvent hook method for receiving events pushed from the server
  • Add ability to receive a reply to a pushEvent from the server via {:reply, map, socket}
  • Use event listener for popstate to avoid conflicting with user-defined popstate handlers
  • Log error on client when rendering a component with no direct DOM children
  • Make assigns.myself a struct to catch mistakes
  • Log if component doesn't exist on send_update, raise if module is unavailable


0.13.3 (2020-06-04)


Bug fixes

  • Fix duplicate debounced events from being triggered on blur with timed debounce
  • Fix client error when live_redirected route results in a redirect to a non-live route on the server
  • Fix DOM siblings being removed when a rootless component is updated
  • Fix debounced input failing to send last change when blurred via Tab, Meta, or other non-printable keys



  • Add dom option to LiveSocket with onBeforeElUpdated callback for external client library support of broad DOM operations


0.13.2 (2020-05-27)


Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where swapping a root template with components would cause the LiveView to crash


0.13.1 (2020-05-26)


Bug fixes

  • Fix forced page refresh when push_redirect from a live_redirect



  • Optimize component diffs to avoid sending empty diffs
  • Optimize components to share static values
  • [LiveViewTest] Automatically synchronize before render events


0.13.0 (2020-05-21)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • No longer send event metadata by default. Metadata is now opt-in and user defined at the LiveSocket level. To maintain backwards compatibility with pre-0.13 behaviour, you can provide the following metadata option:
  let liveSocket = new LiveSocket("/live", Socket, {
    params: {_csrf_token: csrfToken},
    metadata: {
      click: (e, el) => {
        return {
          altKey: e.altKey,
          shiftKey: e.shiftKey,
          ctrlKey: e.ctrlKey,
          metaKey: e.metaKey,
          x: e.x || e.clientX,
          y: e.y || e.clientY,
          pageX: e.pageX,
          pageY: e.pageY,
          screenX: e.screenX,
          screenY: e.screenY,
          offsetX: e.offsetX,
          offsetY: e.offsetY,
          detail: e.detail || 1,
      keydown: (e, el) => {
        return {
          altGraphKey: e.altGraphKey,
          altKey: e.altKey,
          code: e.code,
          ctrlKey: e.ctrlKey,
          key: e.key,
          keyIdentifier: e.keyIdentifier,
          keyLocation: e.keyLocation,
          location: e.location,
          metaKey: e.metaKey,
          repeat: e.repeat,
          shiftKey: e.shiftKey


Bug fixes

  • Fix error caused by Chrome sending a keydown event on native UI autocomplete without a key
  • Fix server error when a live navigation request issues a redirect
  • Fix double window bindings when explicit calls to LiveSocket connect/disconnect/connect




0.12.1 (2020-04-19)


Bug fixes

  • Fix component innerHTML being discarded when a sibling DOM element appears above it, in cases where the component lacks a DOM ID
  • Fix Firefox reconnecting briefly during hard redirects
  • Fix phx-disable-with and other pending attributes failing to be restored when an empty patch is returned by server
  • Ensure LiveView module is loaded before mount to prevent first application request logging errors if the very first request is to a connected LiveView


0.12.0 (2020-04-16)

This version of LiveView comes with an overhaul of the testing module, more closely integrating your LiveView template with your LiveView events. For example, in previous versions, you could write this test:

  render_click(live_view, "increment_by", %{by: 1})

However, there is no guarantee that there is any element on the page with a phx-click="increment" attribute and phx-value-by set to 1. With LiveView 0.12.0, you can now write:

  |> element("#term .buttons a", "Increment")
  |> render_click()

The new implementation will check there is a button at #term .buttons a, with "Increment" as text, validate that it has a phx-click attribute and automatically submit to it with all relevant phx-value entries. This brings us closer to integration/acceptance test frameworks without any of the overhead and complexities of running a headless browser.



  • Add assert_patch/3 and assert_patched/2 for asserting on patches
  • Add follow_redirect/3 to automatically follow redirects from render_* events
  • Add phx-trigger-action form annotation to trigger an HTTP form submit on next DOM patch


Bug fixes

  • Fix phx-target @myself targeting a sibling LiveView component with the same component ID
  • Fix phx:page-loading-stop firing before the DOM patch has been performed
  • Fix phx-update="prepend" failing to properly patch the DOM when the same ID is updated back to back
  • Fix redirects on mount failing to copy flash


Backwards incompatible changes

  • phx-error-for has been removed in favor of phx-feedback-for. phx-feedback-for will set a phx-no-feedback class whenever feedback has to be hidden

  • Phoenix.LiveViewTest.children/1 has been renamed to Phoenix.LiveViewTest.live_children/1

  • Phoenix.LiveViewTest.find_child/2 has been renamed to Phoenix.LiveViewTest.find_live_child/2

  • Phoenix.LiveViewTest.assert_redirect/3 no longer matches on the flash, instead it returns the flash

  • Phoenix.LiveViewTest.assert_redirect/3 no longer matches on the patch redirects, use assert_patch/3 instead

  • Phoenix.LiveViewTest.assert_remove/3 has been removed. If the LiveView crashes, it will cause the test to crash too

  • Passing a path with DOM IDs to render_* test functions is deprecated. Furthermore, they now require a phx-target="<%= @id %>" on the given DOM ID:

    <div id="component-id" phx-target="component-id">
    html = render_submit([view, "#component-id"], event, value)

    In any case, this API is deprecated and you should migrate to the new element based API.


0.11.1 (2020-04-08)


Bug fixes

  • Fix readonly states failing to be undone after an empty diff
  • Fix dynamically added child failing to be joined by the client
  • Fix teardown bug causing stale client sessions to attempt a rejoin on reconnect
  • Fix orphaned prepend/append content across joins
  • Track unless in LiveEEx engine


Backwards incompatible changes

  • render_event/render_click and friends now expect a DOM ID selector to be given when working with components. For example, instead of render_click([live, "user-13"]), you should write render_click([live, "#user-13"]), mirroring the phx-target API.
  • Accessing the socket assigns directly @socket.assigns[...] in a template will now raise the exception Phoenix.LiveView.Socket.AssignsNotInSocket. The socket assigns are available directly inside the template as LiveEEx assigns, such as @foo and @bar. Any assign access should be done using the assigns in the template where proper change tracking takes place.



  • Trigger debounced events immediately on input blur
  • Support defaults option on LiveSocket constructor to configure default phx-debounce and phx-throttle values, allowing <input ... phx-debounce>
  • Add detail key to click event metadata for detecting double/triple clicks


0.11.0 (2020-04-06)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Remove socket.assigns during render to avoid change tracking bugs. If you were previously relying on passing @socket to functions then referencing socket assigns, pass the explicit assign instead to your functions from the template.

  • Removed assets/css/live_view.css. If you want to show a progress bar then in app.css, replace

    - @import "../../../../deps/phoenix_live_view/assets/css/live_view.css";
    + @import "../node_modules/nprogress/nprogress.css";

    and add nprogress to assets/package.json. Full details in the Progress animation guide


Bug fixes

  • Fix client issue with greater than two levels of LiveView nesting
  • Fix bug causing entire LiveView to be re-rendering with only a component changed
  • Fix issue where rejoins would not trigger phx:page-loading-stop



  • Support deep change tracking so only executes and diffs when bar changes
  • Add @myself assign, to allow components to target themselves instead of relying on a DOM ID, for example: phx-target="<%= @myself %>"
  • Optimize various client rendering scenarios for faster DOM patching of components and append/prepended content
  • Add enableProfiling() and disableProfiling() to LiveSocket for client performance profiling to aid the development process
  • Allow LiveViews to be rendered inside LiveComponents
  • Add support for clearing flash inside components


0.10.0 (2020-03-18)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Rename socket assign @live_view_module to @live_module
  • Rename socket assign @live_view_action to @live_action
  • LiveView no longer uses the default app layout and put_live_layout is no longer supported. Instead, use put_root_layout. Note, however, that the layout given to put_root_layout must use @inner_content instead of <%= render(@view_module, @view_template, assigns) %> and that the root layout will also be used by regular views. Check the Live Layouts section of the docs.


Bug fixes

  • Fix loading states causing nested LiveViews to be removed during live navigation
  • Only trigger phx-update="ignore" hook if data attributes have changed
  • Fix LiveEEx fingerprint bug causing no diff to be sent in certain cases



  • Support collocated templates where an .html.leex template of the same basename of the LiveView will be automatically used for render/1
  • Add live_title_tag/2 helper for automatic prefix/suffix on @page_title updates


0.9.0 (2020-03-08)


Bug fixes

  • Do not set ignored inputs and buttons as readonly
  • Only decode paths in URIs
  • Only destroy main descendents when replacing main
  • Fix sibling component patches when siblings at same root DOM tree
  • Do not pick the layout from :use on child LiveViews
  • Respect when the layout is set to false in the router and on mount
  • Fix sibling component patch when component siblings lack a container
  • Make flash optional (i.e. LiveView will still work if you don't fetch_flash before)



  • Raise if :flash is given as an assign
  • Support user-defined metadata in router
  • Allow the router to be accessed as socket.router
  • Allow MFArgs as the :session option in the live router macro
  • Trigger page loading event when main LV errors
  • Automatically clear the flash on live navigation examples - only the newly assigned flash is persisted


0.8.1 (2020-02-27)



  • Support phx-disable-with on live redirect and live patch links


Bug Fixes

  • Fix focus issue on date and time inputs
  • Fix LiveViews failing to mount when page restored from back/forward cache following a redirect on the server
  • Fix IE coercing undefined to string when issuing pushState
  • Fix IE error when focused element is null
  • Fix client error when using components and live navigation where a dynamic template is rendered
  • Fix latent component diff causing error when component removed from DOM before patch arrives
  • Fix race condition where a component event received on the server for a component already removed by the server raised a match error


0.8.0 (2020-02-22)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Remove Phoenix.LiveView.Flash in favor of :fetch_live_flash imported by Phoenix.LiveView.Router
  • Live layout must now access the child contents with @inner_content instead of invoking the LiveView directly
  • Returning :stop tuples from LiveView mount or handle_[params|call|cast|info|event] is no longer supported. LiveViews are stopped when issuing a redirect or push_redirect



  • Add put_live_layout plug to put the root layout used for live routes
  • Allow redirect and push_redirect from mount
  • Use acknowledgement tracking to avoid patching inputs until the server has processed the form event
  • Add css loading states to all phx bound elements with event specific css classes
  • Dispatch phx:page-loading-start and phx:page-loading-stop on window for live navigation, initial page loads, and form submits, for user controlled page loading integration
  • Allow any phx bound element to specify phx-page-loading to dispatch loading events above when the event is pushed
  • Add client side latency simulator with new enableLatencySim(milliseconds) and disableLatencySim()
  • Add enableDebug() and disableDebug() to LiveSocket for ondemand browser debugging from the web console
  • Do not connect LiveSocket WebSocket or bind client events unless a LiveView is found on the page
  • Add transport_pid/1 to return the websocket transport pid when the socket is connected


Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where a failed mount from a live_redirect would reload the current URL instead of the attempted new URL


0.7.1 (2020-02-13)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix checkbox bug failing to send phx-change event to the server in certain cases
  • Fix checkbox bug failing to maintain checked state when a checkbox is programmatically updated by the server
  • Fix select bug in Firefox causing the highlighted index to jump when a patch is applied during hover state


0.7.0 (2020-02-12)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • live_redirect was removed in favor of push_patch (for updating the URL and params of the current LiveView) and push_redirect (for updating the URL to another LiveView)
  • live_link was removed in favor of live_patch (for updating the URL and params of the current LiveView) and live_redirect (for updating the URL to another LiveView)
  • Phoenix.LiveViewTest.assert_redirect no longer accepts an anonymous function in favor of executing the code prior to asserting the redirects, just like assert_receive.



  • Support @live_view_action in LiveViews to simplify tracking of URL state
  • Recovery form input data automatically on disconnects or crash recovery
  • Add phx-auto-recover form binding for specialized recovery
  • Scroll to top of page while respecting anchor hash targets on live_patch and live_redirect
  • Add phx-capture-click to use event capturing to bind a click event as it propagates inwards from the target
  • Revamp flash support so it works between static views, live views, and components
  • Add phx-key binding to scope phx-window-keydown and phx-window-keyup events


Bug Fixes

  • Send phx-value-* on key events
  • Trigger updated hook callbacks on phx-update="ignore" container when the container's attributes have changed
  • Fix nested phx-update="append" raising ArgumentError in LiveViewTest
  • Fix updates not being applied in rare cases where an leex template is wrapped in an if expression


0.6.0 (2020-01-22)



  • LiveView mount/2 has been deprecated in favor of mount/3. The params are now passed as the first argument to mount/3, followed by the session and socket.


Backwards incompatible changes

  • The socket session now accepts only string keys



  • Allow window beforeunload to be cancelled without losing websocket connection


Bug Fixes

  • Fix handle_params not decoding URL path parameters properly
  • Fix LiveViewTest error when routing at root path
  • Fix URI encoded params failing to be decoded in handle_params
  • Fix component target failing to locate correct component when the target is on an input tag


0.5.2 (2020-01-17)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix optimization bug causing some DOM nodes to be removed on updates


0.5.1 (2020-01-15)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix phx-change bug causing phx-target to not be used


0.5.0 (2020-01-15)

LiveView now makes the connection session automatically available in LiveViews. However, to do so, you need to configure your endpoint accordingly, otherwise LiveView will fail to connect.

The steps are:

  1. Find plug Plug.Session, ... in your endpoint.ex and move the options ... to a module attribute:

     @session_options [
  2. Change the plug Plug.Session to use said attribute:

     plug Plug.Session, @session_options
  3. Also pass the @session_options to your LiveView socket:

     socket "/live", Phoenix.LiveView.Socket,
       websocket: [connect_info: [session: @session_options]]
  4. You should define the CSRF meta tag inside <head> in your layout, before app.js is included:

     <meta name="csrf-token" content={Plug.CSRFProtection.get_csrf_token()} />
     <script type="text/javascript" src="<%= Routes.static_path(@conn, "/js/app.js") %>"></script>
  5. Then in your app.js:

     let csrfToken = document.querySelector("meta[name='csrf-token']").getAttribute("content");
     let liveSocket = new LiveSocket("/live", Socket, {params: {_csrf_token: csrfToken}});

Also note that the session from now on will have string keys. LiveView will warn if atom keys are used.



  • Respect new tab behavior in live_link
  • Add beforeUpdate and beforeDestroy JS hooks
  • Make all assigns defined on the socket mount available on the layout on first render
  • Provide support for live layouts with new :layout option
  • Detect duplicate IDs on the front-end when DEBUG mode is enabled
  • Automatically forward the session to LiveView
  • Support "live_socket_id" session key for identifying (and disconnecting) LiveView sockets
  • Add support for hibernate_after on LiveView processes
  • Support redirecting to full URLs on live_redirect and redirect
  • Add offsetX and offsetY to click event metadata
  • Allow live_link and live_redirect to exist anywhere in the page and it will always target the main LiveView (the one defined at the router)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • phx-target="window" has been removed in favor of phx-window-keydown, phx-window-focus, etc, and the phx-target binding has been repurposed for targeting LiveView and LiveComponent events from the client
  • Phoenix.LiveView no longer defined live_render and live_link. These functions have been moved to Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers which can now be fully imported in your views. In other words, replace import Phoenix.LiveView, only: [live_render: ..., live_link: ...] by import Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers


0.4.1 (2019-11-07)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug causing blurred inputs


0.4.0 (2019-11-07)



  • Add Phoenix.LiveComponent to compartmentalize state, markup, and events in LiveView
  • Handle outdated clients by refreshing the page with jitter when a valid, but outdated session is detected
  • Only dispatch live link clicks to router LiveView
  • Refresh the page for graceful error recovery on failed mount when the socket is in a connected state


Bug Fixes

  • Fix phx-hook destroyed callback failing to be called in certain cases
  • Fix back/forward bug causing LiveView to fail to remount


0.3.1 (2019-09-23)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • live_isolated in tests no longer requires a router and a pipeline (it now expects only 3 arguments)
  • Raise if handle_params is used on a non-router LiveView


Bug Fixes

  • [LiveViewTest] Fix function clause errors caused by HTML comments


0.3.0 (2019-09-19)



  • Add phx-debounce and phx-throttle bindings to rate limit events


Backwards incompatible changes

  • IE11 support now requires two additional polyfills, mdn-polyfills/CustomEvent and mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.startsWith


Bug Fixes

  • Fix IE11 support caused by unsupported getAttributeNames lookup
  • Fix Floki dependency compilation warnings


0.2.1 (2019-09-17)


Bug Fixes

  • [LiveView.Router] Fix module concat failing to build correct layout module when using custom namespace
  • [LiveViewTest] Fix phx-update append/prepend containers not building proper DOM content
  • [LiveViewTest] Fix phx-update append/prepend containers not updating existing child containers with matching IDs


0.2.0 (2019-09-12)



  • [LiveView] Add new :container option to use Phoenix.LiveView
  • [LiveViewTest] Add live_isolated test helper for testing LiveViews which are not routable


Backwards incompatible changes

  • Replace configure_temporary_assigns/2 with 3-tuple mount return, supporting a :temporary_assigns key
  • Do not allow redirect/live_redirect on mount nor in child live views
  • All phx-update containers now require a unique ID
  • LiveSocket JavaScript constructor now requires explicit dependency injection of Phoenix Socket constructor. For example:
import {Socket} from "phoenix"
import LiveSocket from "phoenix_live_view"

let liveSocket = new LiveSocket("/live", Socket, {...})


Bug Fixes

  • Fix phx-update=append/prepend failing to join new nested live views or wire up new phx-hooks
  • Fix number input handling causing some browsers to reset form fields on invalid inputs
  • Fix multi-select decoding causing server error
  • Fix multi-select change tracking failing to submit an event when a value is deselected
  • Fix live redirect loop triggered under certain scenarios
  • Fix params failing to update on re-mounts after live_redirect
  • Fix blur event metadata being sent with type of "focus"


0.1.2 (2019-08-28)


Backwards incompatible changes

  • phx-value has no effect, use phx-value-* instead
  • The :path_params key in session has no effect (use handle_params in LiveView instead)


0.1.1 (2019-08-27)



  • Use optimized insertAdjacentHTML for faster append/prepend and proper css animation handling
  • Allow for replacing previously appended/prepended elements by replacing duplicate IDs during append/prepend instead of adding new DOM nodes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix duplicate append/prepend updates when parent content is updated
  • Fix JS hooks not being applied for appending and prepended content


0.1.0 (2019-08-25)



  • The LiveView handle_in/3 callback now receives a map of metadata about the client event
  • For phx-change events, handle_in/3 now receives a "_target" param representing the keyspace of the form input name which triggered the change
  • Multiple values may be provided for any phx binding by using the phx-value- prefix, such as phx-value-myval1, phx-value-myval2, etc
  • Add control over the DOM patching via phx-update, which can be set to "replace", "append", "prepend" or "ignore"


Backwards incompatible changes

  • phx-ignore was renamed to phx-update="ignore"