API Reference Phoenix Localized Routes v0.1.1



Macro to create and validate PhxLocalizedRoutes configuration modules with convenience callbacks to fetch specific values. For maximum performance, most callbacks return precompiled values with precomputed additional data.

Module to create and validate a Config struct

Raised when the custom assigns of scopes do not have the same keys.

Raised when gettext_module is set in the configuration but :locale is not set in the assigns.

Raised when the scope map does not start with the root scope "/".

Helpers to be used in views and controllers.

Provides helpers for Phoenix LiveView applications

Plug to put the scope helper in the session. The scope helper in the session can be used by PhxLocalizedRoutes.LiveHelpers.on_mount/4 to get the current scope assigns.

Provides macro localize to generate localized and multilingual Phoenix routes with configurable assigns which can be used in Controllers and (Live)Views.

Struct for flattened scope

Struct for scope with optionally nested scopes