View Source Phoenix.WebComponent (Phoenix.WebComponent v1.6.3)

Provides a suit of html custom component for phoenix.

This library provides three main functionalities:

  • Enhance form helper with manterial web componet
  • Enhance link helper with manterial web componet
  • Markdown render helper with @gsmlg/lit/remark-element
  • TopAppBar render top app bar with custom element.


Form helper

See Phoenix.WebComponent.FormHelper.


JavaScript library

This project provides javascript that define custom elements.

To use the web component, you must load priv/static/phoenix_webcomponent.js into your build tool. Or through npm by install phoenix_webcomponent. The difference is npm version is not bundled.

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Returns a list of attributes that make an element behave like a link. For example, to make a button work like a link

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