View Source Postgrex.Result (Postgrex v0.16.4)

Result struct returned from any successful query. Its fields are:

  • command - An atom or a list of atoms of the query command, for example: :select, :insert, or [:rollback, :release];
  • columns - The column names;
  • rows - The result set. A list of lists, each inner list corresponding to a row, each element in the inner list corresponds to a column;
  • num_rows - The number of fetched or affected rows;
  • connection_id - The OS pid of the PostgreSQL backend that executed the query;
  • messages - A list of maps of messages, such as hints and notices, sent by the the driver during the execution of the query

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@type t() :: %Postgrex.Result{
  columns: [String.t()] | nil,
  command: atom() | [atom()],
  connection_id: pos_integer(),
  messages: [map()],
  num_rows: integer(),
  rows: [[term()] | binary()] | nil