API Reference PowAssent v0.4.17



Utilities module for mix tasks.

Methods to parse and modify configurations.

Handles the Ecto schema for user.

Handles pow assent user identity context for user identities.

Handles the Ecto schema for user identity.

Handles the Ecto schema fields for user.

Generates schema migration content.

Generates schema module content.

Operation methods that glues operation calls to context module.

Module that handles messages for PowAssent.

Handles Phoenix routing for PowAssent.

View helpers to render authorization links.

Plug helper methods.

This plug can reauthorize a user who signed in through a provider.

Default module for session storage.


Mix Tasks

Generates a user identity migrations file.

Generates a user identity schema.

Generates user identity schema and migration file.

Will generate PowAssent migration file.

Generates PowAssent templates for Phoenix.

Prints instructions fo setting up PowAssent with Phoenix.