Puid.Info (puid v1.1.2)

Information regarding Puid module parameterization

The Puid.Info struct has the following fields:

charssource character set
charsetpre-defined Puid.Charset or :custom
entropy_bitsentropy bits for generated puids
entropy_bits_per_charentropy bits per character for generated puids
erepuid entropy string representation efficiency
lengthpuid string length
rand_bytesentropy source function
iex> defmodule(SafeId, do: use(Puid, total: 1.0e04, risk: 1.0e12, chars: "thequickbrownfxjmpsvlazydg"))
iex> SafeId.info()
  chars: "thequickbrownfxjmpsvlazydg",
  charset: :custom,
  entropy_bits: 65.81,
  entropy_bits_per_char: 4.7,
  ere: 0.59,
  length: 14,
  rand_bytes: &:crypto.strong_rand_bytes/1