API Reference Quark v2.3.2


Top-level module. Provides a convenient use macro for importing the most commonly used functions and macros.

The classic BCKW combinators. A similar idea to SKI, but with different primitives.

Function composition is taking two functions, and joining them together to create a new function. For example

Currying breaks up a function into a series of unary functions that apply their arguments to some inner n-ary function. This is a convenient way to achieve a general and flexible partial application on any curried function.

Fixed point combinators generalize the idea of a recursive function. This can be used to great effect, simplifying many definitions.

The self-applyication combinator

Provide curried functions, that can also be partially bound without dot notation. Partially applying a function will always return a fully-curried function.

Allows defining functions as straight function composition (ie: no need to state the argument).

The classic SKI system of combinators. s and k alone can be used to express any algorithm, though generally not efficiently.

A protocol for stepping through ordered enumerables