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Creates an Mnesia DB on disk for Que

Que works out of the box without any configuration needed, but initially all Jobs are not persisted to disk, and are only in memory. You'll need to create the Mnesia Schema on disk and create the Job Database for this to work. This Mix Task lets you do that.

You should first specify the database location in your config.exs file. It's highly recommended that you include Mix.env in the path to keep development, test and production databases separate.

config :mnesia, dir: 'mnesia/#{Mix.env}/#{node()}'
# Notice the single quotes

You can now run the Mix Task:

$ mix que.setup



For production environments and compiled releases where Mix is not available, you should use Que.Persistence.Mnesia.setup!/0 instead. You can read about it here.

If you need to specify the node name and cookie for the task, you can call it like this:

$ elixir --name <node_name> --cookie <cookie> -S mix que.setup

Source: elixir-lang-talk