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rebar3_lint is a rebar3 plugin to ease the integration of elvis into your project.


Add the plugin to your rebar.config:

{project_plugins, [

Then call it:

$ rebar3 lint
===> Fetching rebar3_lint
===> Compiling rebar3_lint
<plugin output>


The plugin supports configuration option elvis_output_format in rebar.config:

{elvis_output_format, plain | colors | parsable}. % default: colors

It also supports option elvis (in rebar.config) as you'd find elvis's own config (inside option elvis).

If no elvis configuration is present in rebar.config, the plug-in will look for an elvis.config file in the project root folder (but only the config section will be applied - this is an elvis idiosyncrasy).

The output format may then be configured separately in rebar.config, as previously explained.

This is the default configuration if no input is provided:

[#{ dirs => ["apps/*/src/**", "src/**"],
    filter => "*.erl",
    ruleset => erl_files },
 #{ dirs => ["."],
    filter => "rebar.config",
    ruleset => rebar_config },
 #{ dirs => ["."],
    filter => "elvis.config",
    ruleset => elvis_config }]