Redix.ConnectionError exception (Redix v1.1.5) View Source

Error in the connection to Redis.

This exception represents errors in the connection to Redis: for example, request timeouts, disconnections, and similar.

Exception fields

This exception has the following public fields:

  • :reason - (atom) the error reason. It can be one of the Redix-specific reasons described in the "Error reasons" section below, or any error reason returned by functions in the :gen_tcp module (see the :inet.posix/0 type.

Error reasons

The :reason field can assume a few Redix-specific values:

  • :closed: when the connection to Redis is closed (and Redix is reconnecting) and the user attempts to talk to Redis

  • :disconnected: when the connection drops while a request to Redis is in flight.

  • :timeout: when Redis doesn't reply to the request in time.

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t() :: %Redix.ConnectionError{__exception__: term(), reason: atom()}

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Callback implementation for Exception.message/1.