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Discord Channel Object

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overwrite() :: Remedy.Schema.PermissionOverwrite.t()


t() :: %Remedy.Schema.Channel{
  __meta__: term(),
  bitrate: integer(),
  default_auto_archive_duration: integer(),
  guild_id: Sunbake.Snowflake.t(),
  icon: String.t(),
  id: term(),
  inserted_at: term(),
  last_message_id: integer(),
  last_pin_timestamp: String.t(),
  member_count: integer(),
  message_count: integer(),
  name: String.t(),
  nsfw: boolean(),
  parent_id: Sunbake.Snowflake.t(),
  permission_overwrites: [overwrite()],
  permissions: String.t(),
  position: integer(),
  rate_limit_per_user: integer(),
  rtc_region: String.t(),
  topic: String.t(),
  type: integer(),
  updated_at: term(),
  user_limit: integer(),
  video_quality_mode: integer()

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changeset(model \\ %__MODULE__{}, params)

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